Lose The Beer Gut, No Mad Exercise Regime

Lose The Beer Gut, Lose Weight, Eat Pretty Much What You Like

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Wednesday 16 March, 2016

I don't want a Faddy Diet and be drinking only Diet Shakes

I can help you lose weight without changing the food you eat so long as you have a reasonably balanced diet*. If you are living off purely a diet of burgers and chips then that obviously isn't going to work though.

Can I still Drink Beer and go down the pub and Lose Weight?

I can help you lose weight and you can still enjoy some beers down the pub on a Saturday night. It would be foolish for me to say that you could lose weight if you drank pint after pint every night though.

Am I going to have to do loads of Exercise to Lose Weight?

You certainly don't need to be going down the gym every night. In fact you don't even need to go to the gym. Some very gentle exercise which is just a bit more walking would be all I would ask.

I Would Like To Lose Weight And Look More Attractive

Looking a bit more trim and losing the spare tyre (or beer gut) will certainly make you more appealing to women. It will make you feel better about yourself too. There is nothing to be afraid of.

It Really Is Weight Loss For Men Made Easy

Most blokes have some form of balanced diet. They may not eat the right food all the time. Sometimes they have pie and chips and other times they eat something healthier.

  • You can still enjoy pie and chips.
  • You can still enjoy a beer.

If you ate a lorry load of fruit and vegetables everyday you would still be overweight. It is a little bit about portion control. That said of course, the more often you make healthy food choices the better.

How Does Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Work For Men?

Hypnotherapy weight loss for men works by helping you train your brain to eat a little bit less and control your portions (in other words eat a bit less). Hypnotherapy is a bit like cheating...it makes it so much easier. It will help you make healthier choices some of the time as well.

Jim from Bedford, had no problems eating sensibly when he was with family and friends. It was when he was on his own that he had a problem. He was bored and would comfort eat. This is something that I was able to help him with and he now is much better and manages to eat smaller portions.

Terry from Luton was overweight and came to see me. He worked nights and in addition was an asthamatic who was suffering from anxiety. He was eating a very poor diet of MacDonald's, KFC, and take away pizzas most of the time. What I found I needed to do was to deal with his anxiety and stress problems first and then encourage him to make healthier choices more often. Terry is now a much more confident, happier, healthier, and slimmer man who I was delighted to help for weight loss.

Richard from Milton Keynes was overweight and the real reason he was overweight was snacking between meals. Apart from being overweight he had high blood pressure and so he was quite scared of being unwell in the future. Working with Richard was a pleasure and he lost over a stone relatively quickly.

You can also see the video that Dean from Shefford made for me at the bottom of this page. You can hear him tell you how my Virtual Gastric Band has helped him lose weight

I wonder if any of that sounds familiar. It may be that you have an underlying problem with stress or anxiety and I would be delighted to help you with that. You may find that just like many other clients you end up not just slimmer but a lot happier and healthier too. I'd be delighted to help you make that happen.*

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