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Wedding Nerves Hypnotherapy

Wednesday 27 January, 2016

I am a professional clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Specialist and Radio Presenter. I am an expert in dealing with nerves*.

My radio co-presenter Andy Hollinshead also runs Upclass Funk, a mobile disco in Milton Keynes. Andy told me a story about a wedding he was asked to DJ at the last minute a little while back...

He arrived at the wedding venue and quickly began setting up his equipment and just as he was almost ready he noticed there was something very wrong. The bride was with her new husband and the venue manager in floods of tears, so he went over to see if he could help.

Andy sat down with her and this is what she said to him, "I just can't do the first dance, everybody will be looking at me and I can't dance. They'll all laugh at me. I've been worrying about this for ages. It has spoiled my whole day. I just can't do it..."

So Andy listened and said the following to her, "I promise you that no-one will laugh at you. That is not going to happen. It really isn't, and I'll tell you why...You see everyone here has given up their day and travelled to be with you because they all love you.

"All they want to do is celebrate with you. They love you for being you and not because you can or can't dance. If you don't want to do the first dance that is fine...but it will be a bit sad. You see, they have come here for that moment where you stand together on the dance floor, give him a kiss, and just turn round slowly so that they get a good look at you in that dress.

"It really isn't about dancing...because no-one can dance in a wedding dress....It's just about turning on the dancefloor...and when you do you'll hear them going 'oooohhhhhh and aaahhhhh'...and it doesn't even have to be in time to the music"

And that is exactly what that bride decided to do. Andy was right about everything, BUT, the really sad thing was that until Andy got there the whole day had been spoiled for her.

Andy has asked me to give special thought to his story and see if I can help anybody who may be about to suffer on their wedding day because of nerves. I can do many things:

  • One or more relaxation sessions to calm your nerves.
  • Hypnotherapy to deal with the fear of public speaking for anybody in your family or perhaps best man.
  • Whatever YOU need for YOUR wedding day.

I'd be delighted to chat to you and although I am based near Milton Keynes I can always work with clients worldwide via Skype.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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