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Hypnotherapy Will Help Wedding Nerves

Wedding Nerves Can Be Helped With Hypnotherapy

Wednesday 20 May, 2015

The average wedding now costs £20,000 and simple hypnosis can help take away the stress and anxiety.

As you may be aware I co-present on MKFM with DJ Andy Hollinshead who runs a mobile disco that specialises in wedddings. As you can imagine Andy performs at a great number of weddings and has seen some very stressed people.

Andy says, "one night when I didn't have a personal cIient I was booked in as an agency DJ. As such I never get to meet the bride and groom which is a shame, anyway, I arrived to find the bride in tears with hotel staff because she was terrified of the first dance.

"If only she had been a personal client I would have helped deal with this before the day. Fortunately I did manage to help but the whole day before I got there had been overshadowed by this dance that she was terrified of"

"Brides and grooms have all kinds of nerves about weddings, and so do some of the people that have to make speeches. If anyone has fears that I can't help with I direct them to Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy "

So if you are experiencing wedding nerves or wedding anxiety please contact me so that I can offer you a free consultation.



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