Virtual Gastric Band

My Virtual Gastric Band is non surgical.

Virtual Gastric Band For Weight Loss

Thursday 29 May, 2014

My Virtual Gastric Band is non surgical. There is no operation, no pain, no diet tablets, or faddy diets. You are completely in control of both yourself and your eating habits. Cravings and comfort eating become a thing of the past. How is that possible?

I trained for many years at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis and have a Masters degree in hypnotherpy and I am Master Practioner level in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I am able to help you believe that you only need to eat what your body needs and no more. which is in fact the case as all that excess food which you eat turns to body fat.

I am simply telling you what you already know to be the truth, but with the gentle suggestion of hypnosis you will be able to control your eating habits.

You have no doubt  tried to lose weight before but fell victim to cravings and failure which left you with a feeling of failure and low self worth. The problem with diets is that you can set yourself up to fail.

My success rate for the Virtual Gastric Band is between 90% and 95% and one client has so far lost over 5 stone.* The therapy is suitable for anyone wishing to lose over a stone and can be of immense help to anyone suffering from diabetes.

My oldest Virtual Gastric Band client is 76 years young so age is no barrier to your success with myself if you wish to become thinner, fitter, and healthier.  

I am based in Flitwick in Bedfordshire, and if you are considering hypnotherapy for weight loss I am within easy reach of  London, Luton, Bedford, and Milton Keynes.

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