Hypnotherapy for Fear of Water

Using Hypnotherapy to Treat Phobias

Monday 16 January, 2017

There are all sorts of phobias that can affect individuals; one such phobia is the fear of water or aquaphobia. Sandra, born in 1947, has suffered from a fear of water for 52 years, but has finally been able to go swimming with her grandchildren, something she has never been able to face doing.

Sandra knows what started her phobia. When she was 17, she was thrown into a swimming pool and nearly drowned. She thought that she was going to die and remembers thinking “This is it!”. This horrific experience meant that she had a fear of water from then. At times in her life, Sandra had tried to overcome the fear herself by getting in to a swimming pool. On these occasions she clung to the side and would panic if anyone got near her, in case she was pushed in and went under. Even being splashed would make Sandra panic.

Post Hypnosis phobia update

Sandra had lived with her fear for 52 years, but she wanted to go swimming with her grandchildren, and this lifelong phobia was holding her back. Sandra came to see me for hypnosis to overcome her fear in my treatment rooms near Bedford.

After the hypnotherapy, Sandra can now get into a swimming pool, even getting herself into the middle of the pool, away from the sides she used to cling onto. The big change is that she now loves being in the water with her daughters and grandchildren and laughs when they splash her. With hypnosis the fear is gone, and she no longer feels the panic of old. Sandra is even thinking about having swimming lessons!

This is one example of how hypnotherapy can help you conquer your fears, whatever they are. Hypnotic suggestions allow the mind to be reprogrammed, so that you deal with your phobia, which is an irrational fear rather than a real one, and it doesn’t stop you living your life. 

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