Hypnotherapy Help For Anxiety And Stress

Hypnotherapy Can Help With Stress And Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety. Hypnotherapy Can Help

Wednesday 9 March, 2016

What exactly is stress?

"Stress" is any demand that we make on either our body or mind. When people say that are "stressed" this means that they are asking their body, or usually their brain, to cope with too many things at one time. Anything that makes us feel nervous, frustrated, or not in control can create stress. It can make us feel emotional and not in control. In other words we feel unable to cope with the situatuation we are in.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is best defined as a feeling of being uneasy, fearful, or worried.

Can hypnosis help with stress and anxiety?

Hypnotherapy can certainly help with both anxiety and stress*. The two conditions often go hand in hand and I have helped many people with hypnosis for stress and anxiety at my Bedfordshire hypnotherapy practice in Flitwick.

I am going to tell you about 3 different clients I helped with hypnosis for stress and anxiety. To maintain confidentiality I am going to change their names.

"Suzanne" from Bedford. Treated for anxiety and stress with Hypnotherapy*

When Suzanne came to me she was waking in the night and felt she coudn't go on anymore. She was in an extremely well paid job that she was actually very good at but had lost all confidence in herself. Live felt like one avalanche after another. She felt emotional and teary all the time with a lot of self doubt. It was at this point that she came to see if I could help her with hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress.

After listening to Suzanne I started a bespoke treatment programme with her. My aim was to "turn down the dial" on the pressure she felt under and help her cope better. I wanted her to be able to deal with things in a more positive and confident way, and to make her feel self empowered again. In addition I wanted for her to cope better at work and be happier in her personal life.

After finishing the process with Suzanne told me, "I sleep much better now and I feel happier in myself. I am coping and managing better. I feel that I have more 'headspace' and can think clearly"

"Jemima" from Milton Keynes. Hypnotherapy treatment for stress & anxiety.*

When Jemima came to me she told me the following,"I expect everything to go wrong, as that is my experience. I feel panicked, overwhelmed, and exhausted all the time. I have a constant anxiety knot in my stomach. My chest feels so tight that I sometimes have difficulty breathing. I have been off work with stress and I am comfort eating which means that I have put on weight".

Again, I listened and designed a bespoke treatment process for her. After completing the treatment programme Jemima told me the following, " I feel a massive shift has occured and I can breathe properly again. I no longer feel that I have a knot in my stomach and I feel calm and good within myself. I feel that I am starting to live again. I am much more hopeful about the future and I have even lost a little bit of weight..."

"Ali" from Luton. Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety.*

Just like Jemima and Suzanne, Ali is in a well paid professional job and felt stressed and overloaded with work. This was impacting on his personal life because he felt tense. He had difficulty sleeping and was in constant fear of things going wrong.

Not sleeping well is consistant with stress and anxiety and once again I designed a personnal treatment programme for him. This is what Ali told me before I started his last treatment session...

"I am starting to feel really calm and my confidence is coming back. I feel less overwhelmed and much less stressed. The horrible anxiety feeling is gone and I now sleep through the night."

Can I help you with hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress?

Remember that I can work with clients worldwide via Skype as well as seeing you in person at my Flitwick hypnotherapy practice. For a personal consultation please call me or contact me via the contact form on this website.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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