Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy with Tamsin Cooper in Flitwick near Bedford

Wednesday 21 January, 2015

Stopping smoking can be very difficult but I can help you make it easy and painless with hypnotherapy.

At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy in Flitwick I have an incredible success rate of helping clients stop smoking* with just one session. They feel happier, healthier, and are indeed wealthier.

Why not make 2015 the year that you make all those important changes that you want to? It might be that you have already tried to give up smoking with a new years resolution but soon slipped back into old habits.

What stops many people stopping smoking is the cravings caused by nicotine addiction and this is where hypnotherapy really helps. One client told me, "when I would leave the house I would check my coat for my cigarettes,keys, and phone, and then double check that I had my cigarettes. Before the hypnotherapy I could not imagine going anywhere without a packet of cigarettes"

I have an incredible success rate with my stop smoking hypnosis and there are many client testimonials on this website that have been videoed for you to see. One gentleman describes giving up smoking with hypnosis as, "so easy it feels like cheating".

Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy in Flitwick is about 25 minutes drive from Luton, Milton Keynes, and Bedford. Conveniently located near Flitwick railway station the travel time is little more from London. Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy is only a few minutes walk from Flitwick railway station.

If you are unable to visit in person I see many clients worldwide using Skype.

Tamsin Cooper is also a presenter on MKFM Radio.

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