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Shopping Addiction Hypnotherapy Treatment for Shopoholics*

Shopping Addiction Hypnotherapy Help For Shopoholics

Wednesday 11 May, 2016

I just can't stop shopping no matter how I try.


As a clinical hypnotherapist a big part of what I do is understanding people’s problems. Then I can begin to help you. It may be that you can't stop shopping because you are a bargain hunter who will buy stuff they don’t really need because it is on offer, or perhaps you are a collector? There are a number of reasons people are either compelled or addicted to shopping.

I turn to shopping when something upsets me


Shopping is sometimes jokingly referred to as “Retail Therapy” for a reason. Buying nice things cheers us up. As women we may very well buy matching shoes and handbags and we feel happy imagining how good we will look in them. I am sure there are plenty of blokes who have bought the latest telly and soundbar to go with it for the same basic reason.

The problem with buying stuff to cheer ourselves up is that we are not always dealing with what upset us. If our first reaction to emotional upset is to go out and spend money it may be very worthwhile looking at how we react to criticism, or what we perceive as failure, or just things not going our way.

Maybe you spend money that you or your partner can’t afford when you go on a shopping spree. Maybe you are looking at this website now

I knew a DJ once who had lost his job and despite having a massive record collection spent a load of money on records he liked but didn’t need. You know why he did it of course… to make himself feel better.

I can work with you by using the gentle suggestive power of hypnotherapy to help you try and deal with things that upset you in a different way.*

Sometimes people with shopping addictions like the feeling of power.


It may be that when you spend a lot of money you enjoy a feeling of power.  Perhaps you feel that people see you differently. As more successful? As more interesting? As exciting? As dynamic?

If you feel low when you are not shopping this is something I can try to help you understand and work with.

Shopping addiction treatment for collecting.


Perhaps you are a collector who has to buy just a few more pieces for their collection. Perhaps what once started out as a bit of a pastime has turned into something more obsessive. Hypnotherapy may be a way to help you relax.

Shopping addiction and your relationships with others.


If you are overspending it can affect your relationship with family if you are spending more than your share of household income. Perhaps what you describe as a collection others might unkindly call a hoard.    

Shopping addiction and money worries.


Even if you are super rich we all have only a certain amount of money we can spend.

It may be that you feel guilty about what you spending and that you owe money on credit cards. Perhaps you put off opening letters from the bank, or don’t really know how much you owe.

If your shopping habits are getting you into debt I think it would certainly be worth talking to me in confidence at Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy today. You can contact me via the phone numbers or contact form on this website.


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