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Scared Of Hypnotherapy ?

Scared Of Hypnotherapy ?

Thursday 3 September, 2015

It is not unusual to be scared or wary of new things, especially things that we don't understand. There is no reason to be scared of hypnotherapy. My name is Tamsin Cooper I am a professionally qualified clinical hypnotherapist and if you've heard me on radio stations like MKFM you will know I am a normal person. Let me explain some common fears of hypnotherapy and answer some of the regular questions I get asked at Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy.

Firstly, I don't wave a watch in front of your eyes and say "you are feeling...sllleeeeeppppyyyyyy"

Secondly, I am not a stage hypnotist who makes you bark like a dog. I have never made anyone think they are an animal or anything else. I am a fully trained clinical hypnotherapist and you are in safe hands. I practice hypnotherapy for as the name suggests, therapy. I can help you with anxiety, phobias, weight loss, giving up smoking, exam nerves, confidence, and all sorts of things.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly you are in control.  I am a modern and fully qualified hypnotherapist. I very gently put people in a very light trance. So light that they could get up at anytime if they wished to or were in danger if for example the fire alarm went off. Most people say being hypnotised is just like the moment before you go to sleep when you are feeling really relaxed, cosy, safe, and comforfortable.

When you are in a state of hypnosis there is nothing that I could say or do that could or would make you do anything that you did not wish to do. A question a get asked a lot is could I hypnotise someone into murdering someone or committing a crime...I have a simple answer. You have been watching far too many Scooby Doo cartoons!

Sometimes I meet people who say something like, "well I was on holiday and this hypnotist pulled me up on stage but he couldn't hypnotise me". Let me answer this by simply saying I am a highly trained clinical hypnotherapist and yes, some people are easier to hypnotise than others but I have never failed to hypnotise anyone who came to me for help.

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