Hypnosis Can Help With Opeartion Worries

Hypnosis Helps With Fears About Hospital Operations

Scared Of A Hospital Operation? Hypnosis Can Help.

Wednesday 29 April, 2015

At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy in Flitwick, near Luton, Bedford, and Milton Keynes I can help with all kinds of fears and phobias. Being scared of going into hospital is not uncommon and one of my friends actually fainted when they were told they needed an operation.

Now he is a six foot tall bloke and is usually extremely confident and positive about everything but perhaps the fact that he has suddenly realised he is getting a little bit older came as a bit of a shock. Even he laughs about it now. He recalls, "I remember feeling a bit shocked, then feeling totally overloaded and a bit dizzy. Then I remember someone shouting 'NURSE!' as I went forwards."

Of course there was nothing very funny about it at the time and it is perfectly natural to feel scared,stressed, or even traumatised by the thought of going into hospital. Perhaps you have unhappy memories of visiting a loved one in hospital and seeing them poorly.

It might be that it is not only just the fear of the operation but the recuperation. You might be worried about not being able to cope on your own or looking after children while you recover. Maybe you run a business and are concerned that it might be affected.

 At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy these are all things that I can help you with. With over 20 years experience there is probably nothing that I haven't seen before and helped with.

My simple relaxing hypnotherapy will calm you and relax you before, during, and after the operation while you recover. All you need to do is contact me by phone or on the website contact form on this page. Don't worry if you live a long way I can work with you on Skype so even international borders do not create a barrier.


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