Relationships and how hypnotherapist Tamsin Cooper in Flitwick, Bedfordshire can help

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Relationships And How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Wednesday 4 February, 2015

Most of us would all like to change something about our relationship with those either closest to us or perhaps someone we would like to be closer with.

I once met a man who used to go out with a Page 3 girl. The reason he went out with her was quite simple. He was the only one who had the confidence to ask her out. Having an amount of self confidence and reasonable self esteem is very important when both forming and maintaining relationships. This is something that I can help with* at my Flitwick based hypnotherapy practice. Making you see some of the things that are special about you and perhaps helping you be more confident when asking someone out on a date.

When existing relationships begin to fail or one partner meets someone else they are attracted to it is often not primarily sexual. For both men and women, it's more often about forming emotional connections that are missing from their existing relationships.

Sometimes we forget to put enough effort into making partners feel special or we develop unattractive traits such as bitterness. It might be that we missed out on a promotion at work and this is something that has begun to eat away at us and is affecting our relationships both at home and at work.

If there is something that is getting in the way of a new or existing relationship I may very well be able to help you overcome the barrier so why not contact me today?



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