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Quantum Of Solace - Hypnotherapy Help For Grief.

Wednesday 17 February, 2016

You may have heard those words together before. "Quantum of Solace" is a James Bond film about a very personal mission. The hunt for those who blackmailed his lover. But have you ever thought what the title means?

Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, today, means a small amount.

Solace is comfort in a time of sadness.

Hypnotherapy can provide a little bit of comfort in a time of sadness or stress*.

As we go through life we all lose people we love. Friends, loved ones, parents, maybe even a husband or wife, and sadly sometimes our own children. This can all be very hard to deal with, especially if the loss was unexpected or seems unfair because they were so young.

Most of the time we go through a period of grieving, but the closer that person was to us the harder it is to deal with. Sometimes even when a death is expected it hits us harder than we thought possible.

My radio co-presenter Andy recalls when his father died. "Dad had lived a very long life and after a period of illness we were aware he was coming to the end. I got to the hospital in time for Dad to know I was there and hold his hand before he went into a deep sleep.

"In the night he passed away and I cried uncontrollably even though his death was completely expected. I was taken back by the depth of feelings I felt. I have never felt anything like it, even though I was completely prepared for it. To lose someone close to you that you are unprepared for must be awful".

We all experience feelings of grief, sadness, and stress but what if these feelings don't go away? At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy I can help you with feelings of grief and sadness.

Remembering what made someone so special to not just us but the other peoples lives they touched is important. The problem is when those feelings of grief, sadness, and more worryingly bitterness begin to dominate our lives and won't go away.

I am not going to make you forget that you loved someone, but I can help you to come to terms with things, and just turn down the dial on the pain.

Intense grief can cause problems with our relationships with other people as we can become irritable, unable to trust people, and find it difficult to focus on anything but our own loss.

Sadly, we often avoid reminders of the happy times and don't think of the many positives of loving someone so much.

If you would like think about seeing me please get in touch with me at Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy using either the phone numbers or the contact form on this website.

I can work with you via Skype or in person. Tamsin Cooper Hypntherapy is based near Bedford at The Rufus Centre in Flitwick, with adequate parking, easy disabled access, and close to the train station.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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