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PTSD Hypnotherapy Specialist Milton Keynes

PTSD Hypnotherapy Treatment Milton Keynes

Wednesday 4 November, 2015

I am based in Milton Keynes and there is nothing unusual about suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which is more correcttly called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as it is not really a disorder. It is caused by normal human beings like you being exposed to traumatic experiences.

I am a professional hypnotherapist and I understand.

PTSD can be caused by combat, a stressful childbirth or even being in or witnessing a bad road accident. It happens when people are pushed to and beyond what every human being is capable of. It is not wimpy, childish, or weak. It is normal.

Some of the symptoms you may recognise in either yourself or a loved one are:

  • Feeling isolated or becoming withdrawn.
  • Getting angry and being aggressive, possibly getting into fights
  • Heavy dringing or taking drugs
  • Eating too much or perhaps not enough
  • Gambling and perhaps looking for high risk or dangerousthings to do
  • Struggling to get on with people at work and maybe taking a number of sick days
  • Problems with family relationships
  • Suffering from sleep disorders such as Insomnia or nightmares.
  • Self harming or feeling suicidal
  • Finding yourself crying
  • Not trusting people or blaming other people
  • Avoiding certain people and perhaps places
  • Anxiety and panic attacks

I am Tamsin Cooper and I can help either you or a loved one. Quite often PTSD is brought on by combat situations and very often people will avoid treatment or deny they have a problem because they see seeking help as a sign of weakness.

Normally the tougher people are the less likely they are to get help, that is the tragedy.

PTSD can happen weeks, months, or even years after the event or events. Sadly it doesn't just go away, although there may be periods of remission.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder requires professional help to treat and I am happy to speak in complete confidence. I am based close to Milton Keynes so call me today on 01525 630332 or if you prefer contact me through this website.

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