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Power Of Positive Thinking MK Dons

Wednesday 12 August, 2015

It's very easy to give up sometimes. But if you give up you are never going to win. Positivity is a wonderful thing and it was expertly displayed by Leyton Orient, MK Dons, and many of the fans last night in the first round of the league cup at Stadium MK. 

As you may remember MK Dons normally do rather well in The League Cup and in 2014 hosted Manchester Utd and beat them at Stadium MK so this year expectations are even higher.

Last night in the first round of the 2015 competition a Dean Lewington own goal which was in part caused by debutant keeper Cody Cropper's slip left the MK dons a goal down 36 minutes into the game. The home crowd, although disappointed  didn't abuse the team they support even though they were put under pressure by Leyton Orients expert passing.

In the 75th minute the crowd began cheering louder willing MK Dons to equalise and sadly although the vast majority of the crowd hadn't given up some people began leaving before the end..

At 90 minutes an equaliser was scored and in almost the last moments of injury time Carl Baker scored the winner for MK Dons.

Now the people who gave up and left early were denied the chance to see that wonderful comeback and be jumping up and down shouting with joy...but the people who kept the faith and were cheering "come on you Dons" right to the bitter end made the team believe that all was not lost and they could still win.

The human mind is an incredibly powerful thing and a winning mentality is key...and that is how I help people with hypnotherapy when it comes to all sorts of things such as losing weight or giving up smoking.   

As you know I try and be a very positive person and I am involved with sports NLP (although not with MK Dons)

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