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Hypnotherapy Pain Relief With MKFM's Tamsin Cooper

Pain Relief Milton Keynes Hypnotherapy

Wednesday 2 December, 2015

I'm Tamsin Cooper, a Clinical Hypnotherapist based close to Milton Keynes and although it may sound impossible to you I can help you with pain relief.

Pain can be a terrible thing. It may be your pain is caused by a short term illness or perhaps by a disease and you just feel your pain is only going to get worse.

I really can help you turn the dial down on your pain with my simple healing hypnotherapy allowing you to sleep more easily at night and manage better.

You may find that as a result you are taking less pain killers or even no pain killers at all. I recently helped my radio co-presenter Andy get through an operation*. See how my hypnotherapy pain relief helped him by clicking this link.

Sometimes pain is experienced by people after an operation. Perhaps following the amputation of an arm or a leg or another part of your body. Your brain tells you that you are still experiencing pain from a part of your body that is no longer there. It is a bit like a warning sensor on a car that is stuck on and will not go out even though the mechanic has fixed the problem. I really can help.

Please remember that pain killers should never be misused and can be addictive. Always speak to your pharmacist or doctor about what medication you are taking and always read the label and instructions.

If you are in pain and it is stopping you sleeping and making the most of life please contact me for a free consultation.

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