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Thursday 11 June, 2015

As you may know I present a radio show on MKFM with my friend Andy Hollinshead. Andy wanted to share this story about how I helped him with hypnotherapy recently.* I'll let Andy tell his own story...

"This isn't the nicest thing to talk about but a few months ago one of my testicles swelled up to twice its normal size and despite prescription drugs and many visits to the doctors and eventually the swelling going down I was left in a lot of pain so I was sent to see a specialist.

"The specialist told me that I was going to need some tubing removed from the back of one of my testicles if I wanted to be free from the pain. That was a bit of a shocker...but I wasn't prepared for what came next...Unless he also performed a circumsicion there was a strong chance I would develop cancer of the penis...Anyway that's when it all got a bit too much for me and I fainted!!!

"Now this all came a little bit unexpected as you can imagine. Most things don't bother me too much in life but I'm sure you can understand how I felt. So many anxieties and worries that are very hard to talk about..

"Anyway, if you've ever met Tamsin you'll know that you can talk to her about anything and I felt a lot better.

" A few days before the operation it was my birthday and she presented me with a bespoke hypnosis CD she had recorded. I was very moved, and it was brilliant. That's a photo of me at the top of the page in hospital by the way, a very short while before being taken into the operating theatre. The nurses were really surprised that I was so calm and had to wake me up before the operation which is pretty unheard of because people are just so nervous.

"If you are in a similar position then I really can't advise you strongly enough to speak to Tamsin. She is fantastic and also deals with clients worldwide doing hypnotherapy sessions on Skype of all things.

"Thank-you Tamsin Cooper you are a very special person.

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