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OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I Can Help

Wednesday 9 September, 2015

Many of us experience minor obsessions like worrying about whether we remembered to lock the front door and compulsions or rituals like not walking under ladders, but these don’t cause us too much of a problem with as our concerns are short-lived.

If you experience OCD obsessions and compulsions will cause you considerable fear and distress. They will also take up a significant amount of time, and disrupt everything. Getting to work on time, being at work and maintaining normal relationships with friends and family is very difficult.

Many people with OCD experience loneliness and shame. This may very well have stopped you from seeking help. Distressing thoughts about subjects such as religion, sex or violence are not uncommon.

Most people try to cope with OCD alone, until the symptoms are so severe they can’t hide them anymore.

OCD is closely linked with depression. It is extremely likely that your obsessions appear or get much worse when you are depressed.

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