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Milton Keynes Hypnotist Tamsin Cooper MKFM

Wednesday 7 October, 2015

See the video at the bottom of this page about how this lady felt after being hypnotised by Tamsin Cooper* (pictured right) in Milton Keynes.

It is an amazing testimonial and it is shows how hypnotherapy can really help with weight loss.

With hypnotherapy there is nothing to be afraid of and Tamsin can help with all sorts of things including insomnia, lack of confidence, public speaking, and stopping smoking to name but a few. Find out more about Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy Milton Keynes

Tamsin is also a part time presenter on MKFM Radio 106.3FM - The Beat of MK. Use this link to listen to Tamsin's latest radio show  Tamsin Cooper and Andy Hollinshead on MKFM Tamsin Cooper broadcasts live every Sunday, on DAB Radio, and in Milton Keynes on 106.3FM between 8pm and 10pm.

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