Manage Stress Hypnotherapy

My hypnotherapy client from Bedford, Bedfordshire shares her experience of hypnosis and how it has helped her.

Manage Stress with Hypnotherapy

Thursday 30 March, 2017

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. When you’re unable to cope with the pressure, you become stressed. The causes of stress are varied, but work, relationships and money worries are often common causes. Different people deal with stress in different ways; some of the symptoms that you may be affected by are sleeping problems, anxiety, loss of appetite, comfort eating, suffering from low self-esteem, and headaches and other pains. While stress itself is not an illness, it can lead to serious illness if not addressed. Many suffer from stress, and we are able to help those who do.

Today we check in with one client from Bedford, Bedfordshire, who has, very bravely, shared her experience of hypnosis and how it has helped her. She came to us suffering from a combination of stress and anxiety, and with a lack of confidence. This lead to a continual feeling of dread and worry, with a constant anxiety knot in her stomach.

Post Hypnosis Update

Just 4 weeks after the initial hypnosis treatment, the change is significant. She tells us that a strength has been restored meaning that she can cope with life. This is a dramatic change from before her treatment, when she was so stressed out she didn’t know what day of the week it was. Her message is that anyone who is struggling needs to try hypnotherapy – “It really puts you back in control”.

Watch the video, and if you too are suffering from stress contact us to make an appointment and change your life. 


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