Lisas Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Story

Lisa’s Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Story - A wish Come True!

Friday 29 July, 2016

I would like to tell you about the heart-warming story of Lisa and her amazing, life changing hypnotherapy weight loss success. Lisa initially came to see me having tried, unsuccessfully, many different types of diets over the years. Some of the diets had worked in the short term and she had lost some weight. However, none of the diets had really been successful in the long term. She felt she had reached the end of her tether and that food had completely taken over her life. All she thought about was food; eating large portions and frequently comfort eating on chocolate, even late in to the night. Food had become a source of torment for Lisa. It was at this point that she saw my advert in a local magazine and decided that she would come to see me.

Initially, she was a little sceptical as to whether my hypnotherapy services would be able to help her. I have found that this can often be the case, so in relaxed and friendly, informal consultation we spoke about Lisa’s issues and what she would love to achieve. It was after this conversation that I fitted Lisa with her virtual gastric band, supporting her and improving her self-belief, with the understanding that our time together would help change her lifestyle.

Two months after having her virtual gastric band fitted, Lisa had lost an incredible 32” and dropped an amazing 3 dress sizes! Her outlook on food had completely changed.  She no longer felt the need to think about food. Her food portions had dropped in size and had reduced to 3 healthy meals a day and with the added bonus that she never felt hungry. Lisa feel that her confidence levels have increased and that she has much more energy than she had before.

Lisa said to me that the virtual gastric band had “completely changed my life”, adding “I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that Tamsin worked wonders on me and I would recommend her to anybody”.

Inspiring stories such as Lisa’s are the reason I am so passionate about helping change people’s outlook and lifestyle through hypnotherapy in order to succeed in reaching their weight loss goals.

Watch Lisa’s video below or click here to find out more about virtual gastric bands and how they could help you.


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