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ITV's "Back In The Room" And What A Hypnotherapist Actually Does

Wednesday 18 March, 2015

I'd like to state that I do not ask people to stare at a pocket watch or say "loooook intooooo my eyeeeesssssss" in a funny voice and at no time have I ever made anyone bark like a dog. I hope that has cleared that up...

You will also notice that I describe myself as a hypnotherapist and not as a hypnotist. This is because in my practice I use hypnosis as therapy to help people.

Some of the things I have helped people with are weight loss, fear of flying, stopping smoking, addictions, phobias, insomnia, fear of public speaking and the list goes ever on.

On ITV's "Back In The Room" gameshow contestants are hypnotised before taking part. Some people have made all sorts of claims about the programme but that is not something I wish to get involved in.

The hypnosis that I use is purely used for therapy and helping people. I do not use it to entertain either myself or others. People find being hypnoised extremely relaxing and there is nothing to be nervous about.



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