Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy can help with gambling

Hypnotherapy can help with gambling addiction

Hypnotherapy Can Help With Gambling Addiction

Wednesday 25 March, 2015

Casinos and betting shops always arrange the odds so as to make a profit from losing gamblers. Gamblers are more likely to lose than to win. Gambling has been around for thousands of years and many people enjoy buying a lottery ticket on a Saturday night or a sweepstake in The Grand National once a year but for many people gambling is a real problem.

Do you recognise any or all of the following problems in your life?

You find it difficult to stop gambling.

You enjoy the thrill of gambling.

You are gambling to get out of financial trouble.

Spending more money on gambling than you should.

Borrowing money, selling stuff or ignoring bills so that you can gamble.

Always talking or thinking about gambling.

You have a feeling of self loathing when you lose.

With the rise of online gambling it has never been easier to get involved in gambling. TV ads for betting are not just shown during football matches but also on daytime TV for online bingo which seems aimed at women. Gambling is everywhere and if you thought it is just done by working class men wearing flat caps you would be wrong. Many women are affected.

At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy I can help you with all sorts of problems including Gambling Addiction so please get in touch.

Many gamblers get into huge amounts of debt and sometimes even lose their homes. So if you feel you have a problem it really is worth asking for help today.

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