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Hypnosis Treatment with Tamsin Cooper

Wednesday 25 May, 2016

I am an expert clinical hypnotherapist and I help many people on a daily basis. It is a delight to help so many people,

As human beings we are all slightly different*. Many of my treatments are designed to be single sessions and some are a programme of multiple sessions. For the vast majority of people the number of sessions is correct. However, we are all individuals and as I make clear in your free consultation it is possible that you may require either an extra session or sessions.

With some of my hypnotherapy treatments such as The Virtual Gastric Band there is a small amount of "homework" required. The Virtual Gastric Band is a weight loss programme and my hypnotherapy helps you to change your relationship with food so that you find it easier to make better choices such as eating a bit less and eating healthier food.

With the Virtual Gastric Band I usually ask you to commit to undertake a small amount of very gentle exercise. It is nothing strenuous and usually just involoves doing some walking on a daily basis. This is all explained at your free consultation.

As a professional I want to be sure that I give you the very best treatment. This is why I give some of my clients a bespoke CD to listen to as part of their treatment.

The CD re-enforces the message from the hypnosis sessions we do together and it needs to be seen as part of your treatment. A bit like a doctor's prescription.

If I give you a CD I ask you listen to it in a quiet room with headphones on and your phone off. It should certainly never be listened to when driving. It may be that I ask you to listen to it everyday and if so it is vital that my "prescription" is followed. It is a bit like taking your medicine.

So remember... sit back...put your headphones on...and just relax.


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