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Hypnosis Treatment For High Cholesterol And Smoking

Wednesday 15 April, 2015

Cholesterol is a fatty substance known as a lipid and it is needed for the normal functioning of the body. It is mainly made by the liver but can also be found in some foods.

Having an excessively high level of lipids in your blood (hyperlipidemia) can have an detrimental effect on your health. High cholesterol itself does not cause any symptoms, but it increases your risk of serious health conditions.

The amount of cholesterol in the blood can be measured with a blood test at your doctors. The recommended cholesterol levels in the blood vary between those with a higher or lower risk of developing arterial disease.

Evidence shows that high cholesterol can increase the risk of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), heart attack and stroke.

Hypnosis can help as a treatment for high cholesterol in a number of ways:

  • What you eat: some foods already contain cholesterol (known as dietary cholesterol) but it is the amount of saturated fat in your diet which is more important. I can certainly help you with the cravings for certain foods you used to enjoy.
  • Stopping smoking: a chemical found in cigarettes called acrolein stops HDL transporting fatty deposits to the liver, leading to narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Stopping smoking is one of the most popular treatments I am asked for at Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy and I have an 80% success rate of clients stopping after just one session.

One of my friends was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol. He is a 44 year old male smoker and over 6 feet tall, weighing just over 13 stone he certainly isn't fat, although he would admit that he is slightly overweight. He walks around 40 miles a week so was somewhat surprised to be told he had really high cholesterol.

The doctor gave him a diet sheet and he said, "there are so many things I can't eat that I used to. I am really going to need some hypnosis help with this."

He has always enjoyed, white bread cheese sandwiches, steak and chips, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, and bacon butties. All of which he is no longer allowed.

At the moment he is doing really well eating a lot of new things but I think the marmite sandwiches with brown bread  instead of the bacon butty doorsteps are going to take a bit of getting used to. I have never tried to hypnotise someone into liking Marmite but I am sure it is possible!

He also said, "I knew that smoking was bad for you but I had no idea that it could actually affect your cholesterol levels as something called acrolein in cigarettes means your body doesn't process fats properly. I am sure that there are loads of people with high cholesterol who just don't know this and how really important it is for them to give up smoking"

So if you suffer from high cholesterol I can certainly help you with hypnosis at Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy.


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