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Wednesday 13 January, 2016

What do you think is the most common fear in the world?

Fear of Heights? No. A fear of spiders or snakes? Not even close. It isn't even a fear of death...

It is actually a fear of public speaking and this can manifest itself as stage fright as well.

It might be that you dream of being a great actor or singer. Perhaps you run your own business or work in a job where you have to make presentations and sales pitches with the whole company needing the orders that you can get for them. Not an easy task.

As a professional clinical hypnotherapist based near Milton Keynes public speaking is the number one fear or phobia that I deal with*. Don't worry you are not alone and top professionals like Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Aretha Franklin, Nicole Kidman, and even TFI Friday and Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans admitted to being nervous about greeting foreugn journalists as the new host of Top Gear.

I find it very hard to watch somebody going onto the TV show Dragons Den to make a business pitch for a company which they have built up. Often desperately needing the advice and the cash injection on offer I watch entrepreneurs start sweating, stumbling over the words, and sometimes saying quite crazy things just because of nerves. It was something they had probably done perfectly 100 times in their own front room. I find it especially hard knowing that I could have helped with my gentle hypnotherapy.

I always enjoy watching shows like The Voice and The X Factor find new singing stars but there is something I find strange about the whole process. It is often the case that the less talent someone has the more self confident they are. Striding and sometimes even running onto the stage to open their mouth and start singing like an alley cat...

The more talent someone has it seems the more nervous they become which all too often has a terrible effect on their performance. Sometimes people forget the words to a song they have been rehearsing all week or can't concentrate on their vocals because of the fear of so many people watching them. It really is dreadfully sad when someone loses an opportunity they deserve so much because of their fears.

If you have never been hypnotised I'd just like to say that you remain completely in control and I don't use pocket watches or any of the other crazy things you may have seen on TV or in the movies. Under hypnosis you will feel very relaxed, a bit like that moment before you drop off to sleep.

I really can help with my gentle, healing hypnotherapy. I can boost your self confidence so that the fear that is holdng you back in life will no longer be a problem. It really is that simple, and to take control of your life all you need to do is contact me today via this website or call me on 01525 718458 or 07970 018387

If you live outside of the UK I can even work with you via Skype.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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