Hyonosis May Help With Hay Fever Symptoms

Help With Hay Fever Symptoms

Hypnosis Help For Hay Fever Hell

Wednesday 4 May, 2016

The symptoms of hay fever.

If you suffer from hay fever you will know all about the symptoms which include an itchy mouth, nose, throat and ears. A runny nose, a lot of sneezing and the way it affects your eyes. These are the most common symptoms but you may also feel tired and experience headaches. It just all grinds you down and sucks your will to live.

Asthma sufferers can have an even worse time as their symptoms get worse. Sometimes people who don't normally get asthma experience it.

The importance of medical advice for hay fever.

Before I can help you as a hypnotherapist it is important to understand the following:

  • Pharmacists may be able to help with over the counter medication.
  • It is important to see your doctor to check that it is hay fever you are suffering from. It may be something other than the pollen that is causing you a problem. It is especially important to see your doctor if you have symptoms of asthma. To confirm hay fever clinics can offer a skin test or a nasal provocation test.

How can hypnosis help hay fever if medicine can't?*

I'm going to have to edit some of the complaints of the internet blogger who recently wrote:

"I'm severely ****** ***. It's really nice out and I can't venture outside for fear of having stinging eyes."

I think that sums up how hay fever stops you enjoying life with your friends and family. Hypnotherapy cannot stop you suffering from hay fever but it can help you relax. Perhaps working alongside existing medication it can turn the dial down on your suffering.

Hypnosis can't stop you sneezing but it can help you feel more positive. Hypnotherapy can help you to try and ignore that your eyes are stinging. It can help you not to dread the following day when you see the weather report.

Hypnotherapy cannot cure you but it can help you tolerate the symptoms. If you'd ike to chat please contact me via this website or give me a ring.

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