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How To Win At Job Interviews - Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy

Friday 28 August, 2015

Do you need help with a job interview in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, or Flitwick? A lot of us can be very nervous about job interviews and if you don't come over as a confident person this may very well go against you. Job interviews can be pretty tough.

What do you think the number one fear or phobia is? Heights? Snakes? Flying? Nope, it's actually public speaking and confidence, something that I help a lot of people with.* And I'll let you into a little secret...Most of the people I see for public speaking are successful highly motivated people who very often run their own company. You are no different to them...

But to get the job that is so important you've got to sell yourself to someone you've never met. Not easy...Does any of this sound familiar? Sleepless nights, knots in your stomach, sweaty palms....Shall I keep going?

This is where I come in. Just for a moment imagine that you are walking into a room with the scariest interviewer you could imagine...I'm talking the stuff of nightmares...The interviewer from hell...Imagine it's...Claude Littner from TV's "The Apprentice" OMG!!!!

But wait...imagine of instead of being scared or were calm and confident.

Imagine you walked in tall without any sweaty palms, took a seat when invited, and then when you spoke you sounded calm and authoritive...instead of all rushed and squeaky...

Imagine someone as scary as Claude Littner smiling all the way through your interview and then getting up, shaking you warmly by your nice unsweaty hand and offering you the job...

I'd like to help you find that confidence to perform to the best of your ability in situations that right now you find scary and stressful.

My name is Tamsin Cooper I am a leading Clinical Hypnotherapist. I can help you wash away your fears with my gentle hypnotherapy.* I can help you be calm and collected. Just think about that for a moment. I really can help you change your life for the better so call me today.

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