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Fear Of Flying And How Hypnosis Can Help

Wednesday 4 March, 2015

Fear of flying is not uncommon.

Every year families try to plan a holiday to somewhere sunny, but often there is one person blocking it. Very often making up excuses like "we can't afford it" when in reality there is enough money in the bank. Possibly even pretending to be ill on the day of the trip when it has all been paid for. All because of your fear of flying.

At best if you are truly scared of flying you will be lying awake and panicking before you go, and then have the whole holiday spoiled thinking about the journey back.

Being scared of flying is not unusual but simple and painless hypnosis can help you overcome all this so that you can relax both before and during your holiday...who knows you might even enjoy the whole experience of flying...even the journey home.

I can even work with you on Skype. You don't even need to leave home.

It may be that you are in business and have to travel for your job. Maybe you even make excuses and send a colleague or a junior member of staff when it really should be you that goes.

I can picture you conquering your fear completely. Waking up, going to the airport, and getting on the plane feeling totally relaxed and confident. I can see you looking out of the window and actually enjoying the flight. Maybe reading a book or watching the inflight movie then arriving at your destination feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed, and totally confident.

My name is Tamsin Cooper. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I can help you and I will change your life...but only if you contact me.


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