How Dolly overcame her fear of flying

Dolly's Fear of flying

Fear of Flying

Tuesday 6 September, 2016

There are tens, if not hundreds, of recognised phobias that you could suffer from. A fear or a phobia is VERY real for the person that is experiencing it, no matter how much they tell themselves that they are being silly they just can’t help how it makes them feel and act. You can’t apply logic to a phobia.

Aviophobia, or fear of flying as it’s commonly known, is a widely known a phobia, and even if you don’t suffer from it yourself, you probably know or have met someone who is afraid to fly.

I would like to share Dolly’s story with you as she was probably, in my 20 years as a practising Hypnotherapist, one of the worst cases of fear of flying that I have seen. Her family wanted her to go on holiday, but with Dolly refusing to get on the plane, they needed some quick action to help her. I spoke to Dolly over the phone about her fear, and knew I could help. She was due to fly the next morning, so to make sure the family holiday went ahead, we booked her in for a session in my lunch break; the only time available for this emergency situation.

Dolly arrived shaking and crying, and I made her as comfortable as I could. She described the symptoms that she would feel, which would start as she got in the car to go to the airport with her stomach churning, her throat constricting and feelings of sheer panic. These feelings would get worse and the whole thing would start again when it was time to come home. At the end of her hypnotherapy session I wished her luck and asked if she would call me after her holiday to let me know how she got on.

I was delighted to hear that Dolly did get on the plane, and the family enjoyed the holiday. Dolly said she felt comfortable throughout the flight, and on the return journey as well. Dolly even felt calm and happy enough to pose for a photo, sat in the plane before take-off. Well done Dolly!

Dolly is proof that no matter bad your fear or phobia is, hypnotherapy can help you. 

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