Exam panic, stress, and anxiety help with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy For Exam Nerves

Exam Nerves? Hypnotherapy Can Help

Wednesday 20 May, 2015

At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy I can help relax you with both studying before an exam and during it.

In the build up to a test how you feel about an exam in advance has a significant effect on your end result. In addition if you are calm during the exam you should do better.

I have recently been shocked at seeing some websites designed to help students actually suggesting that if they are experiencing stress they should visit the doctor for medication and possibly even antidepressants.

Hypnotherapy will not just calm you down. Gentle hypnosis will help programme your mind and give you greater determination to study and recall key information when required.

Every year I am asked by both students and worried parents to assist with exam nerves and anxiety. It is especially worrying that antidepressants are frequently prescribed to students. In fact at most universities covered by Student Care Networks, anti-depressants are the number one drug, ahead of oral contraceptives and acne medication. Typically anti-depressants account for a third of drugs covered by student health plans.

The problem of exam stress is such that I am now actually being called in to work with groups of students by the schools.

If you are facing an exam (even a driving test) I am more than happy to offer a free consultation so please get in contact with me via either the website or by phone.


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