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Wednesday 18 May, 2016

Confidence In Business. How To Make More Sales For More Money


I have been helping people in business for some time.

The key to getting business is very simple. Talk to people and sell your skills, products and services. Then they pay you lots of money. Simple right? Only it isn’t that simple is it?

I have been working with someone who has just phoned to tell me that they have just had their tax bill and are delighted. Why are they delighted? Because it is the biggest tax bill they have ever paid…which means they are making more money than ever before. Their accountant had just rung them to congratulate them and they wanted to thank me.

I Really Struggle To Sell In Person Or On The Phone


I’m assuming you are speaking to the right people who are potential customers… not trying to sell luxury products to people on low incomes or garden furniture to people living in flats.

Sometimes people fail to sell because:

  • They look untidy or have poor hygiene.
  • They don’t understand the product.

There are various other reasons that people struggle to sell and I can help with all of this.

  • Nerves/lack of confidence
  • New to business/lack experience
  • Stress

Hypnotherapy Help For Nerves When Selling.


If you are nervous when you are selling this is what you and your brain sound like together:

“Hi, good morning (AARRRGGGHHHH!!!) I’d like to show the new (ARRGGGHHHH!!!!) Super de-luxe vacuum cleaner. I’m sure you’re going (OMG!!! I'M FAILING ALREADY!!!!!) to love it.”

That little negative chatterbox is tripping you up before you have even started your pitch. Unless the person you are speaking to is a collector of vacuums then you on a loser.

With hypnotherapy I can help you have confidence and stop listening to that little negative chatterbox.*

Hypnotherapy Help For Stress When Selling.


With stress and anxiety it is almost exactly the same. You are distracted from the task of selling. Stress is one of the most common things that I see people for.

Hypnotherapy Help For Confidence When Selling.


When you are struggling to get sales, perhaps either because you are new to business and lack confidence or you are stressed or nervous hypnotherapy can help.

Let me be clear that hypnotherapy cannot give you experience but it can train you to be more confident in the way that an experienced salesperson is.

If you work in a sales office take a look at the person who sells the most. The Big Dog!!! Maybe you run your own business and Big Dog is one of your competitors.

The Big Dog has all of the following characteristics:

  • Oozing success.
  • A bigger bone - more sales commission than you.
  • Customers can’t wait to give Big Dog their money.
  • Big Dog thinks successfully because Big Dog rarely experiences failure.

With hypnotherapy I can help you visualise success in the same way that Big Dog does. Big Dog thinks successfully and that is why Big Dog is so successful. Big Dog does not dwell on failure.

At the start of this article I mentioned somebody that I helped. This is what they have to say now about selling.

“Tamsin helped me realise that I know my job inside out and I am very good at what I do. When we met I would always try and get a sale by reducing the cost if the customer mentioned speaking to someone else. Even if I wasn’t really getting the money I wanted I felt I had to win the business every time or I had failed.

“I began to really appreciate how good I am and that not everyone is my customer. I now sell my services for better money and as a result I have expanded my business and even sub-contract to my competitors on occasions.

“The key to selling successfully has been believing in myself, listening more to the customer, making them feel really important to me, and really really understanding what is important to them.

“Today I had two customers. The first customer was trying to make me supply my services at the same rate as a competitor. Why would I? If they had total confidence in what I regard as an inferior service they would have booked them. I listened to them for a few minutes, discussed why my quote was so good and that it was more money because it was a better service. I then suggested they look again at their budget and call me later if they wanted the quality I could offer. I have no problem if they don’t call back as I will sell to someone else…quite possibly for more money. I came off the phone and felt like a winner!

“The second customer had emailed me for a quote without their phone number. I emailed back asking for a phone number and the best time to call. I rang at the right time with a big smile on my face. Feeling confident and chatty and having prepped my pitch I quoted my top package which they were delighted with.”

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