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Bedford’s Claire updates us on how Hypnotist Tamsin Cooper is helping her lose weight through Hypnotherapy.

Claire's Weightloss Story

Wednesday 23 November, 2016

Today, we check in with Claire from Bedford, Bedfordshire, 6 weeks after her virtual gastric band was fitted through hypnosis to help lose weight.

Claire had had food issues all her life from childhood. Her working hours made it difficult to stick to a regular eating plan; she would binge eat and find herself snacking all the time. She couldn’t control her eating and always found that she would self sabotage a diet. She had been Yo-Yo dieting for many years, and while she would lose weight on a diet, she would put that weight back on afterwards, plus a bit extra.

Claire came to see me, at my treatment room near Bedford, feeling miserable, not being able to fit into her clothes and with a lack of control over her eating. She felt that this was her last chance; she had to do something to lose weight and be healthy, once and for all.

Post hypnosis weight loss update

6 weeks ago the virtual gastric band was fitted, and through hypnosis Claire accepts that her stomach is the size of a golf ball. The hypnosis also tackled her eating habits and Claire now eats 3 small meals a day; not snacking in between and not missing meals, and no comfort eating. She can be around other people who are eating when she isn’t and accept it thinking “no, I don’t fancy that”; a huge change from her once feeling resentful about people eating when she was on a diet and was trying to lose weight.

So far Claire has lost 1.5 stone, but it isn’t just the weight loss that’s important. Claire feels healthier and has increased her exercise saying that “hypnosis also works with exercising… even if I don’t want to do it, I just get up and do it”.

Hypnosis is a great all round treatment that helps with weight loss. It tackles all aspects and doesn’t just prescribe a diet, resulting in long lasting results. With hypnotherapy for weight loss you really are onto a winner. Claire knows that she is still on her journey, but she’s looking forward to the rest of it and knows that she will get the results she wants because she now has control with her eating habits.

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