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Wednesday 21 October, 2015

You might have heard me on MKFM Radio in Milton Keynes with my co-presenter Andy Hollinshead. I'm a professional clinical hypnotherapist and each week give advice on how to change your life for the better as well as playing some great music and having a lot of fun with Andy.

Andy and myself were talking about our favourite films and he came out with a very interesting one. "A Knight's Tale" starring Heath Ledger. It's a great feel good film and it's actually very relevant to both of us.

I'm not going to spoil the plot if you haven't seen it but basically it's about a peasant who decides he is going to be a knight. Unfortunately the fact that he is not of noble birth is a bit of a barrier.

Now as Andy is a DJ I can see him a little bit like Paul Bettany as Chaucer getting the crowd going and I thought that is what would appeal to him most but it isn't. It's the fact that each of the lead characters has something they want to change about themselves or an ambition.

What I hadn't realised is that Andy is not a natural at what he does. In fact he underwent 3 or 4 years of speach therapy before he started DJing so the fact that he is on MKFM alongside great DJs like Phil Fothergill, Dave Pearce, Pat Sharp, and the rest of the MKFM team is amazing.

The film is very relevant about what I do with hypnotherapy in and around Milton Keynes which is help people change their lives in all sorts of ways...

Everyday I have people come to me requesting gentle hypnotherapy for help with all manner of things:

  • To help them lose weight.
  • Stress and anxiety
  • To help them focus on studying
  • To stop smoking
  • Anger management
  • Help with fear of public speaking

The list goes ever on and I'm very happy to help. The simple point is that just like the peasant, or the lady blacksmith we all have ambitions and most importantly we all have it within ourselves to change our stars.

You have quite possibly failed before. SO WHAT ?!?!

If you would like help with reaching your goals please give me a call right now because I'm Tamsin Cooper and I really can help you change your stars.*

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