Cathy's Virtual Gastric Band

Thursday 20 October, 2016

Cathy came to see me to have a Virtual Gastric Band fitted and is a real success story showing how you can lose weight with hypnosis. She’d dieted before, but had terrible eating habits; she loved eating crisps, sweets, cakes, biscuits and takeaways, and drinking wine. She would eat between meals, her portion sizes were too big and she always cleared her plate. Cathy’s busy lifestyle and long working hours meant she often grabbed things on the go, and they were never a healthy option. Cathy was left her no energy and hated the way she looked. With no confidence in her looks she just wanted to be able to wear lovely clothes again and improve her health.

This is a story that so many people will be able to relate to, so let’s see how Cathy is getting on just one month after her band was fitted.

With dresses in her wardrobe ranging from size 12 to size 20, Cathy knew that she’d put on weight, and her doctor had advised her that her high blood pressure was due to her weight. A lack of exercise, because she didn’t like it, in addition to the bad eating habits meant her weight and size increased. After the first session I helped Cathy see what she was doing to her body, and she could see what she needed to do.

After one month Cathy had lost 1 stone 1lb, and already dropped a dress size; what a great month. This is the result of following the advice and listening regularly to the CD that accompanies the program. Cathy looked forward to listening to the relaxing CD, and afterwards would want to exercise; a change from her old ways. Cathy was “someone who would always buy 2 chocolate croissants, a chocolate chunk cookie, a shortbread, and a coffee with 2 sugars from Starbucks”, but last week ordered a 4 grain salad instead; another change to her lifestyle. The success has continued since this video, and Cathy is now a comfortable size 14, and incredibly happy about it.

The virtual gastric band is of course about weight loss, but more importantly it is about sustainable weight loss. This is a long term solution, and that is because it changes your habits and attitudes towards food. Cathy was chocolate and crisps person, and now she regards those same items as not being proper food – “it’s like someone’s offering me cardboard”. She now finds it really easy to avoid these foods because she feels like they aren’t for her.

Does Cathy’s story resonate with you? Have you tried dieting before but struggle with the demands of your everyday, or do you just feel drawn towards unhealthy foods and noticing and increasing waistline? At Tamsin Cooper Hypnotherapy we see this a lot, and know we can help with hypnosis.

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