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Wednesday 23 September, 2015

Facing up to the fact that you drink too much is very hard to accept.

I am not judgemental. I've heard everything. You are not alone. I have already helped people in the Milton Keynes area.

You are probably finding that your drinking affects your relationship with family and friends. It may be that there are people you love very much who don't feel the same way they used to about you and that is making you sad.

You may very well have done things that you feel ashamed about.

You realise that you drink too much and want to stop but don't quite know how. Quite possibly you do stop for a short period. Maybe a few days or weeks only to go on a massive binge again.

The good news is that if you are feeling any of the above then you are most likely ready to ask for my help in rebuilding your live.

I can help you with gentle healing hypnotherapy but to do that you are going to have to ask me for help and be ready to be helped. For me to help you I have to ask you to be completely honest with me and it may be that you might find that slightly uncomfortable to start with, but please remember I m not judgemental. I have heard it all before and you are not alone.

Hypnotherapy will help you. I can help get to the route of your problems and we can both understand your triggers for drinking. Perhaps loneliness, insomnia, stress, or other things..You tell me.

As I have already said my gentle healing hypnotherapy can help you, but it is not a magic bullet. You will have to work on this with me and you do have to want to stop.

If you are ready to be helped and you want to turn your life around and tackle alcoholism remember that I can help anyone worldwide via Skype or in person at my practice near Milton Keynes. So contact me today via the my website or even better call me now on 07970 018387

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