Adrian Stopped Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Adrian Stopped Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Tuesday 4 October, 2016

Hypnotherapy is a very successful way to stop smoking, for good. This is Adrian’s story, and we catch up with him 2 years after his treatment.

In 2014 Adrian visited me, at my practice near Bedford, to give up smoking, a habit he’d tried to break on his own, but he always went back to it. He had a stressful job as a CEO for a company in London and felt that cigarettes helped him to cope with his stress levels. He was smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day, and more at the weekend whilst he was socialising in Bedford. Adrian was diabetic and really worried about his health; the smoking left him wheezing and breathless.  Like many smokers, Adrian had times of the day when he’d found it particularly hard to stop smoking, times when he couldn’t ignore the nicotine cravings. His favourite cigarettes were in the morning before he left for work and when he got home from work and after eating. He was expecting these to be the hardest to give up.

After his hypnosis session with me, Adrian quit smoking, and 2 years on he is still a non-smoker. He found it very easy to stop smoking with hypnotherapy because there were no cravings. 

Not only is Adrian enjoying the health benefits of stopping smoking, but he was so impressed with the hypnosis process and the power of hypnotherapy, that he began training to be a hypnotherapist himself. He is now in his second year of study learning the power of hypnosis as a practitioner.

This success story goes to show that hypnotherapy works for smoking cessation; hypnosis will help you beat your smoking habit and quit once and for all. If you are stopping smoking for “Stoptober 2016” call us now to book an appointment and we’ll make it easy for you to give up smoking. My Hypnotherapy Practice is based in Flitwick, near Bedford, Bedfordshire.

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